Our Fearless Crew is braving the waves in search of the finest ingredients to brew only the best beers.
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A new and daring craft beer brewery experience in Merwe-Vierhavens (M4H)

Merwehaven vanuit de lucht

Our beers are inspired by the rich history of our brewery’s location in the old fruit harbor of Rotterdam

Come on by and experience for yourself the brewery in all its glory
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Tasty beer & food creations and aesthetic snacks

We don’t just make amazing beers… Try our fearless brews combined with unique food (meat/ fish/ vegan options), prepared in the smoker, stone oven, of fresh off the charcoal bbq.

Our bold signature beer cocktails and self service tap tables create an experience that you’ll come back for.

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Behind-the-scenes fearless brewery tours+tasting

Enter our world through one of our fearless brewery tours and get a behind the scenes look at the brewing process, the ingredients we use, our beers, sustainability, and history. Experience Rotterdam Fruit Port (RFP) up close and personal, experience Merwe-Vierhavens (M4H) first hand as a new city district in the making, and much more.

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Host your event at our venue worthy of bold characters

Whether you’re organizing a birthday party, an intimate dinner, a conference, a networking happy hour, a wedding or other special occasion, we have a range of spaces and packages to suit your needs.

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1936ca galileistraat Loods III stadshaven brouwerij rubber nederlands indie kraanmachinist arbeid
Our brewery is located in a 100-year-old, fully restored fruit warehouse

1923 – Start of construction of the -Merwehaven as general cargo port

Pure Rotterdam ‘niet lullen maar poetsen’ (no talkings just action) mentality. We love it! This photo from the archives (ca. 1930) shows dockworkers carefully storing rubber brought from the Dutch East Indies under the right conditions.

The crane driver gives a necessary hand. A century ago, our building, in the Merwe-Vierhavens (M4H) area, was already being used to store general cargo in crates, boxes, barrels or bales.

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Welcome to Stadshaven Brouwerij in Rotterdam.
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