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Whether you’re organizing a birthday party, an intimate dinner, a conference, a networking happy hour, a wedding or other special occasion, we have a range of function spaces, catered for 50-500 people and packages to suit your needs.

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Host your event at Rotterdam’s newest, hip hotspot

Merwe-Vierhavens (M4H) is a new city district in the making

The Merwehaven in transition appeals to the imagination. The area and Stadshaven Brouwerij breathes possibilities as a place where city and port meet. Be fearless. Host your event at our venue worthy of bold characters.

Why should you host your next
event at Stadshaven Brouwerij?

The Space

If you want a place that feels open, inviting, and ready to accommodate your whole crew, our brewery is a top spot. With multiple rooms to choose from, you can find the just-right size space to make you feel cozy. Free parking, and well accessible by car, bike, public transportation or - why not - water taxi.

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The Vibe

Our brewery is totally in style, offering a backdrop you won’t find anywhere else. We boast a trendy interior design in an industrial setting. There’s really nothing like having your party next to the equipment that’s making the very drink you’re enjoying at the moment.

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Drinks & Food

Let’s face it. It’s often the beverages and food that make the party a true party. When hosting at our brewery, different kinds of innovative beer and food flavors and varieties, prepared in the smoker, on the bbq, or out of the stone oven, are in the bag!

Get to know more about the four spaces in our gastropub that reflect the themes of our Fearless adventures.
Brewers Tables
Kraken Pub
Stadshaven Brouwerij 2
Bring your buds to the brewers tables.

We know the best meal is one that’s shared with groups, either friends or working partners. That’s why we’ve created the Brewers Tables. In total we have 5 Brewers Tables, and each one can seat up to 20 guests.

Area size140m2
Capacity100 people seated
150 people standing
Suitable forClosed events, meetings,
dinners, presentations,
pub quiz, drinks, formal
& informal.
PossibilitiesLarge TV screen, flip board,
Have a borrel or sharing dinner, or tap your own beer

The Kraken Pub offers a comfortable area and is ideal for a borrel or sharing dinner. You can test all the 10 craft beers that we brew in-house, and you become the barman for a day using our tap tables.

Area size220m2
Capacity80 people seated
60 people standing (foyer)
Suitable forDrinks, dining, beer cocktail
workshops, shuffleboard
(game) area, informal
PossibilitiesLarge TV screen, flip board,
Let's eat, drink, and dance the night away!

Let's eat, drink, and dance the night away! In The Club, you can find our main bar and in front of that our high tables. It’s a beautiful spot where you can taste all our in-house brewed beers, and with an amazing view of the beer tanks.

Area size200m2
Capacity100 people seated
250 people standing (foyer)
Suitable forLarge events, dinner,
dance events, formal
& informal
PossibilitiesDJ booth, stage space,
beamer, microphone.
Enjoy a nice meal while catching sight of the Rotterdam harbor outside

Close to the open kitchen, The Diner sits in beautiful corner with a view of the harbor. Here you can find a romantic space to test a delicious dinner paired with our beers.

Area size160m2
Capacity80 people seated
Suitable forSmall events, diner, formal & informal
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Welcome to Stadshaven Brouwerij in Rotterdam.
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