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Come discover the magical world of our great beers

There's more to our tours than a couple shiny tanks and explanation of the beer brewing process. We have those too, but our new bold brewery concept has more ingredients to excite your senses.

We're also giving you a perspective on our role in an exciting redevelopment project of Merwe-Vierhavens as a new city district in the making, the rich and fruity history of our location, our story, sustainability and much more. Whether you’re an expert or a beer newcomer, you’ll have fun.

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What the tour of the brewery is all about.

Touring the world's once largest fruit port

Inspired by our location and the history of the Rotterdam Fruit Port, our Fearless Crew gives you the full story behind our contemporary and tough craft beer lines.

M4H, Stadshaven Brouwerij and sustainability

Innovation runs through our blood and brewing vessels. Stadshaven Brewery is not just a place where you can eat and drink- we’ll show you that sustainability is also an important part of the menu.

From rough, raw dockland to Rotterdam's new hotspot

Stadshaven Brouwerij is part of an exciting redevelopment project of Merwe-Vierhavens as a new city district in the making. Learn more about how we will contribute to the liveability and social dynamics in the area.

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Info and prices

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Tour info

Our brewery tours will take place from Thursday till Sunday. Please indicate how many people and when you want to come (pre-booking required). The tour will be done by a professional tour guide.

Duration1 hour brewery tour
PeopleMin 10 – max 20
Includes1 beer (or soda)
Tour prices

Our brewery tour includes 1 beer or soda at our gastropub.

Children 3-11Free

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Tour & Tasting Info

Add on the tasting part to quench your thirst. Enjoy a flight of beers from a group table in our gastropub, whilst the guide gives extra information about the beers.

Duration1 hour brewery tour & tasting
PeopleMin 10 – max 20
Includes3 beers (15cl per beer) or 1 soda
3 snacks
Explanation of beers by our
professional tour guide
Tour & tasting prices
Children 3-11Free

Do Rotterdam like a local

Explore all hidden gems in our area. Check out our favorites but mostly, follow your own path.

Visit Floating Farm - the first self-sufficient floating farm in the world

A farmer, 40 cows, and robots to collect manure and distribute fodder – all floating on the water of the largest port in Europe. A great showcase for sustainability and the circular economy.

Zero Latency - The ultimate VR experience

The world's most spectacular Virtual Reality experience for groups. Land in the middle of the game together, where your body is the controller and you believe it's real.

Jenever Museum in Schiedam - gin capital of the world

When you visit the Jenevermuseum, you literally step into the world of the gin industry. You will learn about the history of Jenever: from medicinal drink to trendy gin.

River Cruise - Harbor tour

Climb aboard for a cruise of approximately 1 hour and see all the highlights of Rotterdam. Admire the impressive skyline and the harbors while a live guide tells you all the ins and outs!

Le Marin Hotel - A new, designer city hotel

Le Marin Hotels makes it easy for you as a warm, atmospheric home base in a city where adventure awaits. The historic Henegouwerplein in Rotterdam-West is the setting for this new, designer city hotel.

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