Enjoy high quality dining with your friends and family in a very relaxed atmosphere. Tasty beer and food (meat/fish/-vegan) creations, aesthetic snacks and urban coolness at Merwehaven’s waterfront side.

Our menu card is based on honest and sustainable (local) products prepared in the smoker, on the bbq or out of the stone oven.

Find more info about our fearless bars, fine dining in gastropub atmosphere and club experience below, with our tasty, fearless beers at epicentre.
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Enjoy a nice meal while catching sight of the Rotterdam harbor outside

One of our favorite spots, The Dine. Here you can have a romantic dinner with a view of the port of Rotterdam. Enjoy Rotterdam's raw character in a cosy way.

Be surprised by tasty beer and food creations, prepared by our Fearless Chef Sander Fiets (“Bicycle”) in the smoker, or fresh from the charcoal bbq or stone oven. Don’t forget to leave room for a delicious dessert.

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Have a borrel, share dinner, or tap your own beer

The Kraken Pub invites you to discover your new favorite beer, pour as much as you’d like from your own table tap and enjoy the freshest comforts.

The Kraken was thought to live in the blackest depths of the Atlantic Ocean close to Siberia. Until now. You’ll see the adventurous themes of our fearless beers reflected here.

Join the Kraken Pub if you dare, where you can taste at the bar all our fearless brews that we brew ourselves just a few meters away. Here you can also become your own bartender for a day, using our tap tables.

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Hello Friday, let's eat, drink, and dance the night away!

In The Club you’ll find our main bar. You can taste all of our fearless beers, with the best view of the beer tanks where they’re brewed. Relax and choose a fantastic craft snack from our bar menu.

After 10pm live music kicks off and The Club transforms into an actual club. While enjoying a delicious beer cocktail, designed to take the edge off and put a smile on your face, you can dance until the early hours.

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Our dishes fearlessly prepared in the smoker, stone oven, or on the charcoal bbq.
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Our favorite main course from the stone oven: The Kraken, Octopus tentacle glazed with honey and smoked butter. With fruit beer infused ragout, charred radicchio and red amarillo dressing.

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Enjoy some fun unique experiences at our pub

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Tap tables
Bring your buds to the Brewers Tables.

The best food is the food shared in good company! In the gastropub we have five Brewers Tables where you can sit down with a large group of max 20 people per table. The tables are equipped with their own beer tap, so you can play bartender and our homemade beers yourself. No one comes between you and your beer.

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Beat the brewer at shuffleboarding!

From the palaces of England in the 1500s, shuffleboarding finally made its way to Rotterdam, introduced by our Fearless Crew. Meet the game of shufl, best described as a combination of shufl, bowling and curling. A great source of entertainment and enjoyment to while away the time between beers. We have four metres shuffleboards to compete on. Grab a beer, beat the brewer, and become the first Champion ever in our history.

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Interested in a guided tour of our Brewery?

Enter our world through one of our fearless brewery tours and get a behind the scenes look at the brewing process, the ingredients we use, our beers, sustainability, and history.

Experience Rotterdam Fruit Port (RFP) up close and personal, take part in Merwe-Vierhavens (M4H) first hand as a new city district in the making, and much more.

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